Around Picture Rocks (Images of America)

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Served with either two or three pieces of fish, their ultimate meal is the Lake Superior Whitefish Baskets. It is the most delicious, flaky, perfectly flavorful fish you could imagine and all for an affordable price. When in the Upper Peninsula you must get a pasty.

Served by some of the friendliest folks, their food is hot, tasty and filling. The unique interior is unforgettable as well, with rooms filled with taxidermy animals exclusive to the area and a bar with hundreds of numbered mugs for all of the locals. All vessels entering and leaving this treacherous stretch of Lake Superior must pass Whitefish Point lighthouse.

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This active lighthouse along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore sits surrounded by astonishingly beautiful shoreline. Coast Guard road nearby is worth the trek, with scenic overlooks of Lake Superior and paths out onto Twelve Mile Beach, the beauty only increases the closer you get to Au Sable. This city boasts small town charm and great local businesses that are exclusive to the city.

Around Picture Rocks (Images of America)

Due to heavy snow, ice and sand deposits this past winter, Log Slide Overlook is currently closed. Park Engineers have plans to evaluate the site for a new place to build the platform and are hoping to have the area reopened by next year.

Hiking the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore: Hammock Camping Grand Sable to Munising

In the meantime, visitors can view the dunes from the base of Grand Sable Falls. The unique experience allows visitors to see these incredible animals up close. From snow-capped mountains in Yosemite to an icy still Glacier Bay, the incredible images show their natural beauty is truly year round. In other breathtaking shots crisp frost lines the paths through Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Meanwhile, Oregon's Crater Lake boasts more than just a slight dusting of snow.

Or experience the rare views of a snow-capped Grand Canyon. All of the images were collated by the US Department of the Interior, which is the agency that protects US land, water and wildlife. Tim Fullerton, Director of Digital Strategy, said: 'America's public lands are just as beautiful this time of year as they are in the warmer months.

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These stunning snaps, collated by the U. Department of the Interior, showcase America's National Parks in all their winter glory.

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Niagara Falls Yes, this pick was only slightly less predictable than every NBA season from It may well be the most famous waterfall in the world, and has been the site of more wedding proposals than probably any spot on the planet not named "Las Vegas at 4am. But perhaps the single most scenic place in North Carolina is the gardens off the Blue Ridge Parkway, recognized by the state as a National Heritage Area. Cincinnati Museum Center City views are nice. Ancient caves are pretty cool. But what if we could put them both Adding to the scenery of this spot on the National Register of Historic Places is the grand, Gilded Age architecture that denotes an old-school rail station.

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Bingo, sure. Fearing developers would come in and make it the next Bathhouse Row, the Choctaw sold it to the federal government and it was turned into a national park, which was eventually incorporated into the bigger Chickasaw Recreation Area along with scenic Arbuckle Lake and Travertine Creek.

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  4. In this playground of 1-percenters, impeccably preserved Gilded Age mansions sit atop seaside cliffs more reminiscent of Malibu than New England. Caesars Head State Park The Palmetto State has no shortage of coastline to ooh and aah at, but overlooked, in the northwest corner of the state, the vistas around Caesars Head rival many in the Smoky Mountains. The foot Raven Cliff falls is one of the most underrated scenic waterfalls in America, a worthy reward after the tough hike to get there. But even the lookout points over the hills at the visitors center are undoubtedly the best place in SC to watch a sunset.

    The Badlands are every bit as awesome as the Grand Canyon, a desert landscape that turns a dozen shades of orange and red, where more than a few flailing souls have come to go on their version of a vision quest. Ruby Falls The most scenic place in Tennessee is actually underground.

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    Bryce Canyon National Park As impressive as the collection of red rock natural amphitheaters that make up Bryce Canyon are, what may make this park even more impressive is how it looks in the dark. Billions of them.

    Rocks: Pictures of Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Rocks

    In this area revered by residents and visitors alike for its untouched countryside and fall colors, moose still roam wild among mountain lakes and lush forests. Consider it some of the most peaceful country in America. The views are almost as good as the viognier, the grape this area is beginning to claim as its own. And if they do? Matt Meltzer is a contributing writer to Thrillist who'd love to hear why he got your state "totally wrong. Your browser does not support the video tag. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

    Share on Facebook Pin it. Delaware Cape Henlopen State Park That image of the Harbor of Refuge Light lighthouse in the middle of the clear blue ocean, white sand dunes in the foreground, is one of the most iconic scenes of the First State. Georgia Historic Savannah Spanish moss-draped live oaks, sunlight-dappled public squares, stately Victorian homes