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Consequently, many people choose to ignore the signals that sleep is needed. They continue their trip believing they will make it to their destination safely. Here are two common myths about driving when sleepy: 1 Most people believe that turning up the radio or rolling down a window will keep them alert and awake.

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This is simply not true. Wrong again!

There is no major evidence to support this. Signs of Sleepiness Your body will tell you when you are sleepy. Do not ignore the following warning signs:. If you do not fall within one of these main categories, it is still important not to place yourself in a situation that involves driving when you are tired.

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Do not ignore the following warning signs: A drowsy, relaxed feeling Blurred vision Difficulty keeping your eyes open Head nodding Excessive yawning Repeatedly drifting out of your lane Who Is at Risk? Combating Sleepiness When Driving Good ways to avoid sleepiness while driving are to: Get plenty of sleep prior to a long trip.

Asleep At The Wheel

While nighttime is when most drivers feel sleepy, lack of sleep or not getting enough sleep due to interrupted sleep patterns may cause drivers to drift off because of daytime sleepiness. It is important to have a good night of sleep or enough sleep so one does not become drowsy when driving. Some turn to stimulants when they are sleepy, which is not a good idea. Today, the term asleep at the wheel is about four times as popular as asleep at the switch.

The Wall Street Journal. Of course, our entire legislative and executive branches were not asleep at the switch; they knew the day of reckoning was on its way and could have, one would think, taken quiet and effective action sooner. The Washington Examiner.

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Still, even if Dilma knew nothing about Petrobras graft despite being on the board for seven years until , we can at least all agree that she was asleep at the wheel. Forbes Magazine. The Enterprise News. Canceled vs.

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