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Marvel released Hawkeye 1 in October , and to date 21 issues have appeared, with most of these collected into three trade paperbacks, My Life as a Weapon , Little Hits and L. Woman Hawkeye, became the greatest sharpshooter known to man. He then joined the Avengers. The clash between Hawkeye and the mobsters nicknamed the Tracksuit Draculas escalates to a deadly siege by the end of the Fraction-Aja run. Hawkeye 22, due July 15th, will bring this arc to a close. Finding the right tone for Hawkeye was a trial-and-error process. I had a story, not a book, and so I stopped.

In this essay, I discuss these complex narrative structures and techniques; what follows is an opinionated reading of the series, where I try to understand its experiments and critique its weaker moments. By the end of Hawkeye 1, the main plot introduces the dog as a character, catches up with the flashforwards, and reveals that the dog was hit by a car during the climatic fight.

As Fraction points out, Hawkeye 1 offers mildly tricky storytelling for pop culture readers used to chronologically-challenging movies like Days of Summer and The Hangover Fraction and Aja get more subtle with the motifs they weave into later issues of Hawkeye. Some issues, though, are better than others.

More in keeping with the real-world focus of the first three issues, Hawkeye 7 is still uneven. I should point out, though, that Fraction graciously donated his royalties from this issue to the Red Cross and other Sandy relief efforts, so I hope it sold lots of copies.

The absence of David Aja hurts these issues.


When I told my friend, cartoonist Ben Towle, that I was writing on Hawkeye , he said, "Aja's studied his Batman: Year One ," and one of the big similarities between Mazzucchelli and Aja is a clear, neutral line. One example: Hawkeye With each panel, Aja draws the tenement further and further away, and each bright window represents lives in jeopardy that Clint assumes the responsibility to protect. Fraction and Aja finish off issue 13 on a note of appropriate dread, and create an unobtrusive metaphor for their own creative method.

Here are the events of those six nights:. Friday, December 14 : Hawkeye attends a rooftop party with the tenants of his building. Clint is hooded, abducted, and driven to a warehouse full of Tracksuits. Saturday, December 15 : The abduction continues from the previous evening. Before he leaves, he asks a bike-messenger in his building to deliver his bow to Kate. Sunday, December 16 : Clint spends the rest of Saturday pondering whether he should stay or go. As the clock strikes midnight and the calendar changes to Sunday, he walks outside the building with his bow and arrow, striking a defensive posture that indicates to the Tracksuits that he will not be leaving.

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The next scene jumps forward almost two days, to Monday night. Wednesday, December 19 : Clint has settled into his apartment; we see him hanging his bow above his couch. Simone drops off her two kids for Clint to babysit. Do you need to be somewhere? The above outline is hopefully clear, but the plot scrambles up these story events, presently them wildly out of order. The issue begins with Clint and Tony working on the stereo, whips back five days to the fight with A. To construct the above outline, I copied every page in the comic and shuffled them into chronological order; the two versions of Hawkeye 6 are very different from each other.

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On page 16, for instance, Clint struggles to operate his TV remote, and then someone knocks on the door:. On page 15, Clint returns home, bruised and scared, and in panel 6 we see the bow hanging over his couch—but then he takes it down and sends it to Kate. Then on page 16 but four days later , the bow is again in its place of prominence above the couch, and we wonder how it has returned to his apartment.

Then we see on pages 17 and 18, December 15 Kate immediately bring the bow back to Clint, but he only regains his status as a hero when, on Sunday December 16, he picks up the bow again to protect his building from the Tracksuits. Finally, back to December 19 page 16 : Clint proudly displays the bow again. The achronological storytelling clumps these activities with the bow into four pages, making its symbolism clearer than if the plot had been told in order.

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This is perhaps where the original issue-by-issue release of Hawkeye was a challenge, since keeping events and chronology in order over several months is harder than flipping pages in an all-in-one volume. Once Hawkeye 22 comes out, Marvel is scheduled to publish a Hawkeye Omnibus that collects all the issues—including the Annual and a Clint-Kate story from Young Avengers Present 6—into a single, massive book.

These repeated events are more typical of a naturalistic soap opera than the apocalyptic stakes of most superhero narratives. The battle is omitted.

[Comic Book Review] Marvel Comics’ DAREDEVIL (12222) #1

We never see the bad guy. And Fraction encourages us to pay attention to those relationships by repeating scenes and embedding a human heart within his puzzle structures. In the page above, the pony-tailed silhouette in purple-and-white checks is Kate. Some of these skirmishes mirror previous elements in Hawkeye ; just as Clint perpetually crosses paths with the Tracksuits, so Kate frequently battles a cadre of zombie bellhops. Below is a sample from Interestingly, issue 20 returns to the Clint hues, as Kate decides to return to New York.

First, Kate is written as a bouncy, flighty character, to the point where Pulido adorns her thought balloons throughout the Annual with a little kawaii Hawkeye. More painfully: in the Kate issues, the narrative complexity of is gone.

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Cute enough, but utterly unnecessary. I found this real estate plot less like Big Numbers than the moment in a stage melodrama where a mustache-twirling capitalist evicts the sad, beautiful widow. Mystery has something of the supernatural about it, and even of the divine; its solution, however, is always tainted by sleight of hand. This tiny "M. I have relatively little to say about the final two Clint stories so far in the series, Hawkeye 19 and Fraction said.

In Hawkeye 11, Clint is alone; in Hawkeye 19, Clint learns the value of community. Following this page, issue 19 unfolds around two formal principles. The other unifying formal element is hands. The story begins with father Barton's hands, and segues into a plot where Clint is tempted to stop using his own hands to communicate with ASL. Barney, however, continues to sign, and he also therapeutically pummels Clint back to his emotions.

He apologizes to Jessica for his cheating, he and Barney trash the Tracksuit strip-joint, and most importantly, he asks the building tenants for help in combating the gang, who convey their support through upraised fists:. Clint will be a hero, despite his flaws, which makes issue 20 a bit perfunctory, heavy on plot rather than emotional transformation. What conclusions have we reached about Hawkeye? Further, the notion of watching Clint make mistakes "again and again" is an elegant, one-sentence summary of the repeat-with-variation-and elaboration storytelling technique Fraction brings to issues I love that I can dip into a typical issue of Hawkeye and find a tier of panels that vibrates not only with the frisson of scene-specific character interaction, but with connections to a larger network of motifs and themes.

I don't live in a town with a comic shop, but I'll drive an hour on July 15th to buy a copy of Hawkeye Even so, perhaps Hawkeye 's permanent legacy will be how Fraction and Aja pushed the idea of the regularly published "mainstream" comic book past its breaking point. Fraction, Aja and Marvel kept up the fantasy of a monthly title for too long, and I dream of a better world where Hawkeye wasn't plagued by fill-ins, artistic inconsistencies, and false promises of clockwork production.

Marvel should've hired Fraction and Aja to do a single, page Hawkeye graphic novel every year, and no more. In spring , I taught a sophomore Honors seminar in comics and graphic novels at Appalachian State University. I'm sure that some of the observations in my essay came up during our class discussions, although weeks later it's impossible for me to trace specific ideas to individuals.

I'm grateful to all my Honors students for joining in the discussion. Thanks to all. These three sites give details into the decision to push the planned storyline back an issue in order to tell this stand alone story. The insights from these interviews shed light on the intent for the Hawkeye comic to portray a street level civic engagement. Your email address will not be published. In this excerpt from TCJ , Hanselmann talks about Gretzkys, the relationship between autobiography and fiction, and selling stuffed animals. We find artists from all over the world, based in any discipline, from well-known comic names to fresh new webcomic talent, from influential street artists to custom toy designers, and throw them together to make one hefty and exciting comic book.

Students are suddenly turning into frenzied zombies, attacking and gorging themselves upon each other's flesh. The school is being torn apart until suddenly With the zombies apparently back to normal, the school is now divided between the previously turned and the unbitten.

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