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They enroll the help of a priest and dwarf bread baker to write the sacred instructions and bake the clay, respectively; Meshugah, the "king" golem, is initially sent to work in a candle factory. Around the same time, a cabal of Ankh-Morpork 's guild leaders seeks to gradually depose the Patrician , replace him with Nobby Nobbs as the new king and rule the city through him. To implement this, the cabal orders the golems' newly made king, Meshugah , to make poisoned candles and have them delivered to the palace. Vetinari is successfully poisoned, making him severely ill.

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Meshugah, however, is "overloaded" by all the different instructions his creators gave him, and goes "mad": he starts overworking and, when he finishes raw materials, he rampages through the city, and goes on to murder the priest and baker who took part in his creation. At this point the City Watch steps in trying to solve the murders and the poisoning of Lord Vetinari.

With the assistance of their new forensics expert dwarf Cheery Littlebottom , Commander Vimes and Captain Carrot slowly unravel the mystery. Carrot and Dorfl , one of the golems, fight and defeat the golem king at the candlestick factory. Afterwards, Vimes confronts the city's chief heraldry expert, a vampire, who instigated the whole affair. Dorfl arrests him despite tenuous evidence and Vimes burns down all the heraldic record as retribution against the "elite" and "noble" plotters, who had happily and self-righteously sacrificed the lives of several "commoners" in the pursuit of their scheme.

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In the end, Vetinari has recovered completely, Dorfl is sworn in as a Watchman, Vimes gets a pay rise, and the Watch House gets a new dartboard. Vetinari reveals to his assistant, Drumknott, that he had known of the plot for some time already.

Feet Of Clay

Vimes' rash actions in the pursuit of truth had considerably scared the city elite, which is precisely why Vetinari had let him continue: so that the plotters would know just how much worse off they'd be if Vetinari died. Publishers Weekly described the book as "fantasy served with a twist of Monty Python , parody that works by never taking itself too seriously", with "sly puns" and "lively, outrageous characters".

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Club , conversely, emphasized the book's "intelligent wit and wordplay with a notable lack of punnery", praised Pratchett for the "complexity" of the politics and the "three-dimensional" nature of the characters, and noted that the " sword and sorcery " plot "doesn't insult the reader's intelligence" despite involving "the bumbling City Watch" and "a murderous enchanted statue". At the SF Site , Steven H Silver commended Pratchett for presenting "mysteries which can be solved with the clues provided", and stated that although the book does not have "quite as many laugh out loud moments as [previous Discworld novels]", it shows that Pratchett is "a novelist as well as an humorist".

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Retrieved 15 October Publishers Weekly. This idol had, he tells us—in often disgusting detail, especially in the prologue, which neatly summarizes all the primary arguments of the narrative, and then throughout the subsequent history—feet of clay. Initially, it competed mainly with the neoconservative orientation that dominated much of the George W. Bush Administration, which sought to cast the United States as a relatively independent and globally dominant actor using its might to spread democracy aggressively around the world, and particularly in the Middle East.

Since this approach crashed and burned in Iraq and Afghanistan, Holbrooke-style liberal internationalism now mainly competes with a still-developing Donald Trump foreign policy vision that is strongly opposed to fixed alliances and all forms of multilateralism and has strong mercantilist and neo-isolationist tendencies.

Indeed, organized neo-isolationism seems to be getting another boost in the Trump era with the formation of the Quincy Institute, a new foreign policy think tank which brings anti-interventionists from the far left and far right together with funding from the unlikely pair of Charles Koch and George Soros.

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Its seems to be formed precisely to oppose everything Holbrooke ever stood for. In contrast to the extremes of both hubristic neoconservatism and solipsistic neo-isolationism, liberal internationalism seems today like an Aristotelian golden mean, neither seeking to dominate nor ignore the rest of the world.

Holbrooke was born in Manhattan in to a Polish-Jewish father named Abraham Golbraich who emigrated to the United States in , with an Italian medical degree, and quickly refashioned himself Dan A. Holbrooke, MD. As Packer explains in detail, out of college the younger Holbrooke joined the State Department and was posted to Vietnam where he became an early, but very quiet and cautious, war skeptic.

After a stint in the Peace Corps and at Foreign Policy magazine, he joined the Jimmy Carter campaign and was appointed assistant secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific affairs.


Earl Sweatshirt "Feet Of Clay" Review

During the Reagan years, Holbrooke dedicated himself to a little writing and a great deal of capital accumulation in investment banking. It was the Clinton Administration, which he served as assistant secretary of state for European affairs starting in , that gave him his greatest challenge and opportunity in the form of the increasingly appalling ethno-nationalist war in the fragmenting former Yugoslavia.

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  8. Packer makes that familiar case, although he acknowledges that Holbrooke needed both his best and worst qualities to accomplish it. Packer, one of the most respected American long-form journalists and staff writer now at The Atlantic after a long and acclaimed stint at The New Yorker , knew and admired Holbrooke, who clearly managed to capture his imagination.

    He interviewed of his associates. Packer cites an impressive array of different participants in the Balkan drama as acknowledging that Holbrooke had a unique, or at least unusual, set of characteristics and abilities that enabled him to broker that agreement. To Bosnians at the U.