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Nov 6, , pm.

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Thanks Kate Nov 7, , am. Hi, I've been looking for a particular historical romance for weeks now. I read it at least 6 or 7 years ago, maybe more. It is similar to 'Flowers from the Storm' by Laura Kinsale in that the Hero is struck down by something that makes everyone believe he has become an imbecile. I think he might be a Duke or an Earl? It is set in England maybe regency or just before.

There is something about all the other family members dying or being killed by the French? I'd be most grateful if anyone knows what this book is. Nov 7, , pm.

I'm new to librarything and I'm really hoping someone will recognize a book from a very brief description because I can't remember more than the basics of the plot really. Years ago I read a romantic mystery about a cold, cruel twin who convinces her twin sister to take her place. The cold, cruel twin is in a very unhappy marriage and has a daughter who she doesn't seem to care about at all. The nice twin goes along with her plan for some reason and falls for the husband and the little girl.

The husband at first is baffled by her new, kind behavior because he was used to her gold digging, heartless twin and unaware she had a twin. Eventually he starts to fall for the new twin still thinking its his wife. Sorry, that's all I can remember. I know its not very specific. If you can think of any plots that fit, please let me know! That's it!!!!! I'm so happy I could cry!

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Thank you Anna :. Check out the old thread "name that book" Allright gals and? Something like temptation or scandal I think this is the most likely please please help. Posting again in the hopes that someone will end my torment! Nov 11, , am.

The Billionaire's Bet

I'm looking for a Harlequin, probably for the 80s or 90s. It's about two brothers and one woman. The brother the woman is married to dies. The other brother comes back into her life. Turns out the brother she was married to was gay.

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That's all I can remember. Nov 11, , pm. Hi, I am looking for a romance book I believe it may be from the 80's or 90's. It was about a tree sprite or nymph who awoke from a long sleep to a man coming to this very old house in the winter. They end up meeting and falling in love.

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I cannot remember the name of the book because it has been so long since I read it. I think the title may have had the word rose in it, but I'm not positive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! Nov 12, , pm. Or possibly Fires of Winter by same author? Nov 14, , pm. I'm going crazy trying to find this book. I think its a harlequin superromance from the 90's.

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It's about a lady who is pregnant, there are two little kids involved and a surly rancher. It takes place in either montana, north dakota or colorado. The cover has a lady in a blue dress and she's pregnant. Please help!!!

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Nov 21, , pm. I've read both of those books and they're not the one I'm looking for. Thank you, though. Nov 22, , am. Please HELP! I don't remember the name or the author, but I remember that its about a woman who walks in on her husband and he's having a threesome with his secretary and another man.

She feels horrible because he was horrible to her and made her feel horrible about herself I think he called her fat, etc. I don't remember what happens after this but eventually she meets this like super hot rich entrepreneur guy, who's like in computer technology or something and she ends up living with him for a bit and they fall in love. I think it takes place like in Washington, I remember fog and water Thanks!

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  • Nov 25, , pm. Hello Everyone - hope someone can help me. Last year I read a book and did not put it into my Excel sheet - now it is driving me nuts: Taks plase in England - - or so. Lord X's father dies I think he killed himself Money is very tight so with the help of his mother Lord X opens a gaming hell he is very good with cards No one knowes he's a "Lord" He restores the family money. He meets a woman, falls in love - but if they marry - he then needs to become Lord X and everyone will know he has two identies.

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    • Edited: Nov 26, , am. This is in reply to post 66 cmboyd This sounds familiar to a Sandra Brown novel I read some time ago.

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      However, in the book the heroine was not a twin but a look-alike and she took the evil look-alike's place after a plane crash. I don't know if this could be it The first I do believe is a Harlequin or Silhouette. The heroine arrives from the country to net a husband. She has her old nanny and a younger sister who is very beautiful, but has intellectual disabilities.

      At some point, someone tries to kidnap her sister. The heroine eventually gets married to a reformed rake who is ashamed of his past. The second book is actually the first part of a trilogy. It was also an historical set in England. All I remember is that there were three sisters who somehow became separated and they belonged to a theatrical family.