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How to survive as a SAHG (stay-at-home-girlfriend)

Men, especially straight cis-men, appear so rarely on the show that it simply looks different than anything else on television. And a vast majority of the episodes were written and directed by women.

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So even at its most absurd story-wise, The L Word was doing something revolutionary just by putting that many women behind and in front of the camera. Orange Is The New Black is the only show to have come even close to matching that level of representation. Well, The L Word did it for 70 episodes. The series carved out a long-term place for queer women on television, and its departure left a major void that has yet to be filled.

Movies on TV this week Sept. 15, 'Alien,' 'Aliens' and more - Los Angeles Times

Of course, the idea that you can just check off a bunch of boxes to determine whether someone is gay or not is silly and binary-reinforcing, but the writers cover their tracks there by allowing the mission to fail. Even at its most absurd, The L Word is about community, so it comes as no surprise that the show so effectively fostered community in the real world.

For that reason, destination episodes of The L Word always stand out. Getting out of Los Angeles meant leaving behind—or at least temporarily pausing—a lot of the baggage that began to over-complicate the show. The women bond over their nostalgia, which leads to some simple but touching friendship moments, like Tina, Alice, and Shane just chilling in bed with Heinekens and Cheetos.

Purity by Jonathan Franzen review – dazzling, hilarious and problematic | Books | The Guardian

From a ratings perspective, there was a sense that they had to, but most episodes found a middle ground. But the writers also used code words and insider references to wink at the queer audience, and while the show sometimes seemed to bend too easily to the wills of heteronormative Hollywood, the writers also found ways to simultaneously confront the norms it sometimes pandered to. Though Mark often seems like an exaggerated caricature, most queer women can verify just how prevalent his line of thinking here is, especially when it comes to straight dudes.

By painting Mark as gross and invasive, the writers directly attacked the heterosexual male voyeur. The L Word puts to rest several myths about lesbian and queer sex, showing in almost every episode that, contrary to what Mark believes, lesbians fuck in a whole multitude of ways. In fact, while Mark is busy asking a bunch of idiotic questions, Dana and Alice are getting very, very busy with a sex marathon. And then Dana died.

There was no behind-the-scenes reason for the choice. Oh, and Shane proposes to Carmen, which brings us to….


Helena is a spoiled rich girl but one with a genuine, kind heart. It was another strange left turn for season three, as Carmen was one of the best things to happen to Shane and some of their storylines together touched on ideas of cultural difference and the different experiences of queer women of color but only began to scratch the surface.

Full of funny rhymes and shapes, this rhyming Dr. Seuss classic will help even the youngest child as they start to read.

Chest and Torso (7)

A timely and provocative account of the fall of New Labour, the rise of Corbyn, and what it means for the left in Britain. A sharp and provocative new essay collection from the award-winning author of Freedom and The Corrections. A breathtakingly beautiful debut novel of revolution, chance and the gambles we take with the human heart.

Luck Be a Lady

Bryan Sykes. The evolution of dogs and the forces that drove its amazing transformation from a fierce wild carnivore, the wolf, to the astonishing range of comparatively docile domesticated dogs that we know today. Pulitzer-winning, scintillating studies in yearning and exile from a Bengali Bostonian woman of immense promise.

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