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There are also special products just for metal clay that are better to use, but for just getting started and trying it out, the above list is sufficient. You also need metal clay. You can also find it at many sites online. The important thing to remember about metal clay is that it dries quickly. Also remember to lubricate. Rub some on your hands, your work surface, your rolling pin and any textures you are going to use.

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You use the playing cards as thickness guides. If you go to the Art Clay World website, you will find several tutorials on getting started that have more details on tools, techniques, etc. They also have firing guides and lots of other great information. I have a tutorial on Squidoo that is specifically about setting fused dichroic glass into metal clay. From that tutorial there are links to other great pages about metal clay.

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Ancient Medallion silver clay pendant by Lis-el Crowley. Many of my students who have jewelry businesses and were primarily beading have found that their metal clay pieces sell faster and better, and draw a lot of attention at shows and other venues. Feel free to contact me for assistance in purchasing kilns, metal clay, tools and supplies. If you are in Connecticut, come by the Gallery sometime and I can personally show you lots of examples of finished metal clay pieces.

Torch-Firing Metal Clay Jewelry: PMC Introduction

She creates one-of-a-kind art jewelry using Art Clay Silver, fused glass, sterling silver, beads, stones and chains. She also sells her work through other galleries and shops throughout Connecticut, at shows and in her Heart of the Fire Etsy shop. Lis-el is also a wholesale distributor of Art Clay Silver, Euro Tools, Paragon Kilns, and other jewelry making tools and supplies, as well as glass for fusing.

She teaches a variety of classes and workshops, and enjoys helping others find their way to creative expression and personal success. This is amazing! I just heard about metal clay for the first time in a linkedin discussion and now this article. Some metal clay will require that you fire it in a kiln because it must be fired up to F C in order for the clay to turn into metal.

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Most kilns, as long as they can reach this temperature, can be used for metal clay, glass fusing, bead annealing, lost wax burn out, and enameling. On average, the larger the kiln the larger the price tag.

Metal Clay Sculpting (Silver)

Metal clays that require a lower temperature to fire such as Art Clay Silver or PMC3 require either a torch or hot pot. For the torch, you will also need ceramic tile to set the metal clay on while you hold the torch over it to fire. You may need to figure out the type of clay you will use either before or after you determine if you will use a kiln, torch, or hot pot for firing. Different metal clays fire at different temperatures and have different uses.

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  • Price ranges vary and are dependant on the type of clay you purchase as well as the amount. Clear Plastic : You will want to roll your clay on a clean surface. A piece of clear vellum works well. Graph Paper : Slip this under the clear plastic. The lines on the paper help you line up and cut squarely. Playing Cards : A few cards come in handy about 10 or so when rolling out clay. Cutter : You will need a sharp edge to use to cut the clay.

    Dental tools, often available at flea markets, are helpful for this. Smoother : A tool for smoothing out lines and edges of the clay is helpful. Ceramic stores also carry hand tools for this purpose. Words can't describe how thrilled I am with the finished result. The tutorial was fantastic, so detailed, thorough and well presented. I can't recommend this tutorial highly enough and will be doing to everyone!

    You will not be disappointed. Rodi's work is outstanding and I feel honoured to be following her guidance through this tutorial and learning from someone so amazingly skilled. Rodi is also so approachable and helpful. That enthusiasm to see others grow and achieve too is a beautiful trait of hers Rodi really is one of the very best jewellery artists there is. Deb on Aug 17, The SkyandBeyond tutorials are the more informative, comprehensive and user friendly tutorials I have ever used.

    It is evident that much thought and time is invested to deliver a detailed and clear tutorial with many useful extra in terms of general information. In addition, direct contact with any query is dealt with in a timely and friendly but professional way.

    Frankly, I can't rate them high enough. Annamarie McHugh on Jul 18, Whats the difference? You will find two 2 types of tutorials below. For more details on what's inside each tutorial. Sky Guide 12 Step Guide. View Details. Five Stars!

    Getting Started: Metal Clay Jewelry Making

    Great piece to make! Very easy to down load and instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Beautifully written instructions are very clear. Five Stars.