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In , William F. Warren was part of the group of men that helped charter Boston University. While William was away at Annual Conference, preaching, or working on the chartering a major university, Harriet was busy writing and advocating for women. At the same time that the women were founding the missionary society, men were moving the Concord Biblical Institute to Boston to found Boston University, led by the School of Theology. Tapped to be first president was the missionary William Warren. The journal always showed a profit. Warren also was part of the team of women who appealed to the mission board to allow the existence of the national WFMS.

She also helped found the New England Conservatory.

Contact the Howard Gottlieb Archival Research Center to make an appointment to view these primary resources. Warren outlined his view for what became Boston University, which involved "joining together professional schools with liberal art colleges Parsons, Marion Randall Patterson, Elinor? Patterson, J. Peabody, May Pearson, Ralph M.

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Miss Harriet by Guy Maupassant, First Edition

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