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Customer reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase. Generally OK when he sticks to what he knows, namely corporate finance, but when he starts giving his opinion regarding countries he goes off the rails.

Planet Ponzi -- Paperback / softback [Paperback]

I kept coming across real clangers that severely weakened the whole book. Some examples - 'Germany doesn't have a fund put aside for future retirees'. Baby boomer demographics will seriously affect this but the idea of a saved pool for use in the future is too simplistic. She started the whole neoliberal dogma that the author raged about for the first half of the book, like toothless regulations etc, but the real clash here is that the author states that the UK vies with Japan as the most indebted country in the world. And that's what Italy needs??

Greece's cost of borrowing before entry to the EU was very high.

After Greece was admitted to the EU thanks significantly to Goldman Sachs fudging figures to make Greece pass the EU entry criteria - no mention of this in the book the cost of borrowing fell hugely and only then did Greece go on a borrowing binge. So the common currency was at the heart of Greece's problems. He also highlighted that the measure of inflation has been changed from a fixed basket to a variable one where items that increase in price are replaced by cheaper 'substitute' ones, hence a lower rate of inflation than most people experience.

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It's just a pity that the author too often wandered into his opinion territory. It's like finding a major error in a spreadsheet, it makes you doubt the rest of it. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Mitch Feierstein, with his superbly written, Planet Ponzi has performed a vital service to the public at large with a centered focus on exposing the corruption within the worlds financial markets. Feierstein likewise exposes the complicity of government with it's incestuous relationship with such financial institutions as Wall Street and London's financial district.

While not at all focused on his own efforts to expose the current malfeasance, Mr. Feierstein references the work of other crusaders that seek to expose the many falsehoods that are perpetrated by the institutions of government and finance.

John Williams of Shadowstats, as having made significant contributions to the exposure of the current deplorable conditions of the financial industry. Personally, i sincerely appreciate the infusion of a bit of humor with his references to, the worst kleptocrats of Africa and Asia watching in astonishment. These infusions of humor as well as his sometimes cutting and self deprecating comments contributes to the readers sense of reality to the level of corruption involved throughout the financial industry. In my humble opinion Mitch Feierstein and Planet Ponzi deserve a prize in literature for having so thoroughly exposed the malfeasance and downright criminality that is rampant within the financial sector, as so eloquently expressed within Planet Ponzi, no democratic country has ever imposed so great a burden on it's ordinary citizens as that which is currently in play, the plight of this burden is borne by those that played no part in it's creation is phenomenal.

Planet Ponzi is most informative and proves to be entertaining in spite of the dire circumstances reported. This very important work should be required reading for anyone involved in the investment world and particularly those who would be involved in a regulatory role.

Planet Ponzi by Mitch Feierstein | Waterstones

The revelations are stunningly shocking. I am awaiting in hopeful anticipation, for an epilogue edition to soon follow in an update of this deplorable state of affairs. The only factor that will impact that hopeful future edition might well be the collapse of the current financial markets from the sheer weight of the malfeasance, incompetence and kleptomania involved.

Again I consider Planet Ponzi as having rendered a vital public service to all. This is a remarkable book for a trying time in the history and affairs of todays international financial culture. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The title of the book might give the would-be reader the impression that Planet Ponzi is a light-weight contender in the battle to win the hearts and minds of readers anxious to make sense of modern day capitalism.

But Feierstein very skilfully blends historic facts, geographic spread, financial shenanigans, political short-sightedness, and imminent global risk that's the reader's mind food with brilliant observations and comments that have the unavoidably terrifying and the bizarrely humorous dancing with each other across page after page which caters for the reader's heart.

This is not a book to read in the presence of others however for it requires an inordinate amount of self-discipline not to constantly disturb them with sentences beginning with 'Good God, listen to this!

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  • It's far better to read the book, contain your intellectual and emotional reactions, and then pass it on to someone else along with the simple two word injunction: 'Read this'. As for my copy, I value it too much to remove it from my bookcase, so like those around me you'll have to buy your own copy knowing that this is one of those rare MUST READ books. By the time I read this book 4yrs after publication much of the future projections were already known.

    Most were accurate though.

    I enjoyed his writing style. Technical issues were explained well. The world is financially worse as predicted by the author. This book suggests that governments, having borrowed to bail out private companies, are now issuing essentially worthless bonds to finance their borrowing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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