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Why Do We Turn to Poetry at the Important Moments in Our Lives?

For Stacy Sims, the founder of City Silence, the experience of a shared moment of music or poetry can help deepen our connection to one another. Talking to students and teachers across the country who have participated in the program, I was reminded of how U.

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What happens when that language invites us to be present not just to one another, but also to ourselves? What can we learn when we have no defenses, as David Whyte suggests? And you can see the project come to life in a classroom below:.

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Kristin Lin Growing up in a Buddhist, Taiwanese household in Texas, Kristin was always fascinated by the power of conversation to connect the many contrasting microcosms around her. She feels lucky to contribute to a program that has so deeply and joyfully enriched her understanding of humanity.


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Finding Calm and Contemplation in the Classroom, with Poetry. Take a look at our guidelines and email Chris at cmaccini kpbx. Travis Laurence Naught is a writer who happens to be a quadriplegic wheelchair user.

Carbon dioxide poisoning, exacerbated by pneumonia, at the age of 35, led to a day hospital stay that left him with a tracheostomy. Several of his other stories and poems have been published online and in print. Karen Mobley is an artist, writer and arts consultant.

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Karen is one of the poets featured in www. A long time ago, she published a chapbook called Prairie Wind Winter.

https://lesskunspurconf.tk To learn more about Karen go to www.