Ratschläge an meine Tochter (German Edition)

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Deutsche Schule. Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie.

Erster Band. Braunschweig: Schulbuchhandlung.

In Pohlmann, Carola ed. Wiesbaden: Reichert. Die Entdeckung von Amerika 8 ed. Fundevogel: Kritisches Kinder-Medien-Magazin : Oxford University Press. Frankfurt am Main u. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftl.


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Campe, Joachim Heinrich. In: Neue Deutsche Biographie 3 , pp. Untersuchungen zur lexikalischen Kodifikation der deutschen Sprache. Berlin u. Campes "Allgemeine Revision" im Kontext der neuzeitlichen Wissenschaft. Weinheim: Dt. In: Historische Zeitschrift 2 , pp. Carola Pohlmann: Erfahrungs schriebs und reichts der Jugend, J. Campe als Kinder- und Jugendschriftsteller. Wiesbaden: Reichert Hildesheim u. Joachim Heinrich Campe in seiner Zeit Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Kinder- und Jugendliteratur: ein Lexikon. Working in the dark, and in unfamiliar territory, posed a serious challenge.

This map, created during the scouting phase, will help the experts plan the next step: setting up the ice camp. The project has an overall budget of ca. In the course of the one-year-long drift, ca. Their common goal: to investigate for the first time the entire climate system in the Central Arctic. To do so, they will gather data on five major aspects — Atmosphere, Sea Ice, Ocean, Ecosystem and Biogeochemistry — in an effort to better understand the interactions that shape the Arctic climate and life in the Arctic Ocean.

For further information on the expedition, please visit: www.

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Your contact person in the Communications Dept. It coordinates polar research in Germany and provides major infrastructure to the international scientific community, such as the research icebreaker Polarstern and stations in the Arctic and Antarctica. The Alfred Wegener Institute is one of the 19 research centres of the Helmholtz Association, the largest scientific organisation in Germany.

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  • New findings on the largest natural sulfur source in the atmosphere Turbulence creates ice in clouds An international team of scientists, including three researchers from New Jersey Institute of Technology NJIT , has shed new light on one of the central mysteries of solar physics: how energy from the Sun is transferred to the star's upper atmosphere, heating it to 1 million degrees Fahrenheit and higher in some regions, temperatures that are vastly hotter than the Sun's surface.

    Carbon nanotubes CNTs are valuable for a wide variety of applications. Made of graphene sheets rolled into tubes 10, times smaller than a human hair, CNTs have an exceptional strength-to-mass ratio and excellent thermal and electrical properties. These features make them ideal for a range of applications, including supercapacitors, interconnects, adhesives, particle trapping and structural color.

    New research reveals even more potential for CNTs: as a coating, they can both repel and hold water in place, a useful property for applications like printing, If you've ever tried to put several really strong, small cube magnets right next to each other on a magnetic board, you'll know that you just can't do it.

    What happens is that the magnets always arrange themselves in a column sticking out vertically from the magnetic board. Moreover, it's almost impossible to join several rows of these magnets together to form a flat surface.

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    That's because magnets are dipolar. Equal poles repel each other, with the north pole of one magnet always attaching itself to the south pole of another and vice versa. This explains why they form a column with all the magnets aligned the same way. Now, scientists at ETH Zurich have managed to create magnetic building blocks in the shape of cubes that - for the first time ever - can be joined together to Quantum-based communication and computation technologies promise unprecedented applications, such as unconditionally secure communications, ultra-precise First International Conference on Agrophotovoltaics in August Laser Symposium on Electromobility in Aachen: trends for the mobility revolution.

    High entropy alloys for hot turbines and tireless metal-forming presses. Researchers discover a new way in which insulin interacts with its receptor. Bacterial protein impairs important cellular processes.