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These aggregations are known as "jellyfish blooms" or "jellyfish outbreaks," which can cause a wide array of problems. Too many jellies in the water can be a danger to swimmers, forcing towns to close their beaches.


Jellies have clogged up machinery at coastal power plants, causing power outages. Seven Little Australians Study Booklet - A Literature Study for Years In this teaching resource, students learn about all aspects of literature including themes, vocabulary, phrases, comparisons, characters and more. The booklet is broken into chapters to assist students to focus on key sections within the text.

The booklet incorporates plenty of reading analysis, along with complementary writing exercises. About the text: Seven Little Australians describes the life of a family, in particular its seven children in early outback Australia.

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  • Be inspired! UWL Website "The Flight of the Bumblebee" According to myth, aerodynamics proves that bumble bees should be incapable of flight based on their wing size and the frequency at which their wings beat.

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    With a great free crossword puzzle maker , word search maker , today in history activities, graphic organizer makers, educational games, handwriting simulator and more, you will never struggle again. Use these tools to conveniently make the exact materials that you want to use in your class.

    Within the Tips section you will find a plethora of useful and practical tips for in the classroom. Topics are easy to search and tip areas include:. I love that there are tips relating not only to actual subject teaching, but also to classroom management, potential problems that can arise in the classroom, dealing with parents and other associated areas.

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    It is also great that teachers can share their tips and ideas through this section by contacting the site owner. You can also sign up for a free weekly newsletter with new and innovative tips. Even though the site has many great free resources, the different membership options are very clear in pricing and the benefits.


    You can make a very informed choice before paying for membership. The forum looks to be fairly well used, with teachers able to ask for advice and bounce ideas around, browse posts by others and reply to posts. You must register to post in the forum, although you can browse topics, posts and responses without registering.


    The threads are easy to follow through, with the main post at the top of the page and all replies following in order below. Although the advertising on this site is subtle and not as overwhelming as on other websites, it is an unfortunate reality on many websites nowadays and TeAchnology is no exception. The site states it is a fee resource site for teachers, but then there are many resources that can only be accessed by paying members. Due to the excellent availability and range of free resources though, I do not think most teachers would find this so much of a problem.

    Whilst there is a fairly good range of payment options for membership, including credit card through a secure server, credit card by fax, cheque, money order and postal order, I feel that with many people trusting payment methods such as paypal, where individual bank details are not given to the payee, this should also be a payment option.

    There are some usual things that teachers typically expect on an ESL website, including sections on jobs. TeAchnology does not appear to have this. I think the site could at least provide prominent links to dedicated ESL jobs websites. The absence of this does not in any way though detract from the overall usefulness of the site; I just think that this suggested addition would make this great site even better.

    The forum is not so easy to spot. I initially thought there was no teacher forum, but then stumbled upon it by accident.

    I think this could have its own tab at the top of the home page so it is easier to find by teachers. Many teachers find being able to discuss ideas and share ideas really useful, and as such I think greater prominence should be given to the forum. Overall, there are very few negatives I can think of for TeAchnology, but there are bucket loads of positives. The site is incredibly well organised and easy to use, which saves valuable time when trying to balance many competing tasks when planning for the classroom.

    There are many excellent resources to use, which will help teachers to help students and facilitate their learning. Practical and fun activities are included and the site includes things for students of all ages and abilities. Comprehensive lesson plans, functional worksheets, highly practical tips in countless areas and the ability to make your own materials are just some of the great things you will find on this website.

    The full site offers over 46, lesson plans and in excess of 10, worksheets, so it is very unlikely that you would be unable to find something appropriate. Although there is the option to become a member, I believe that the basic access is probably enough for most teachers. How do the membership resources compare to the free resources?

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    Would you advise becoming a member or do you find that the free materials are enough? This is a guest review by an independent author. This review reflects the opinions of the author and not necessarily those of BusyTeacher. One click!