The 7 Sins in Madness & Nightmares

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You can check them out below. Note the killer entrance area.. Related articles.

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He is a thin, long-limbed man with an angular, drawn face, glasses, a tufty beard, and hair drawn into two points above his ears. He has been described by other characters as sounding "just like Vincent Price ". Gaiman's Abel is a nervous, stammering, kind-hearted man; somewhat similar in appearance to Cain, with a tufty beard and hair that comes to points above his ears, though his hair is black rather than brown.

He is shorter and fatter than Cain, with a more open face.

It is eventually learned that the only time he does not stutter is when he is telling a story or when he is dead. Cain frequently kills Abel in a brutal ways; whereupon Abel later returns to life, and frequently hopes for a more harmonious relationship between the two. Cain and Abel own a large green draconic gargoyle named Gregory , who also made his debut in House of Mystery In the first appearance of the characters in Sandman , issue 2, Cain gives Abel an egg that soon hatches into another gargoyle, a small golden one.

Abel names the gargoyle "Irving". A letter in issue 91 was attributed to Goldie, who claimed that it was herself depicted on the cover of issue They shelter Dream until his strength is restored following his year-long imprisonment. In the fourth story arc , Season of Mists , Cain is sent to Hell to give a message to Lucifer because cain is protected by a curse that would deter lucifer from harming him. Abel is one of the victims of the Furies in this series, and is brought back to life by the new Dream. The Corinthian is a nightmare created by Dream , of human appearance but with two small additional mouths in place of his eyes.

He enjoys eating the eyeballs of people he kills. The first version of the Corinthian is destroyed by Dream for spending several unsupervised decades on Earth as a serial killer in Dream's view, a waste of his potential , and it is shown in The Sandman: Overture that Dream intended to do this before his imprisonment. Near the end of the series Dream creates a second Corinthian, altering his personality to be obedient and useful rather than homicidal. In a later story in The Dreaming , the second Corinthian is haunted by the actions of the first.

Eve is based on the biblical Eve , the mother of humanity and wife of Adam.

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Eve originally appeared in Secrets of Sinister House 6 August—September ; she was the series' principal host, often in stock images, usually with her raven. After issue 15, in which Eve reveals in the letter column that her raven, Edgar Allen [ sic ], is an enchanted deceased human, editor Joe Orlando departed from the series and so did she, the series focusing on "sinister house"s.

She became the principal host of Weird Mystery Tales with issue 15, Destiny having moved to Secrets of Haunted House as principal host. In Plop! She also makes a few appearances in House of Mystery and House of Secrets.

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In her early appearances, she appears only as a crone , is often identified as a witch, and has a tendency to sharp speech. In her first appearance, she scares Cain and Abel, and shouts at them, "Get out of the kitchen when it gets too hot, you cowardly mortals! Old Eve doesn't care In issue 9, she stays in an apartment building under an assumed name she denies it is her in the letters column of issue 13 , where the smell of her cooking causes her neighbor to report her to the superintendent, so she curses the neighbor to repeat a day—which begins wonderfully and ends in two deaths—over and over again.

When she is shown in Sandman 2, Lucien's comment about her addresses her unfriendly nature prior to Dream's return, stating that she confines herself to nightmares. Eve lives in a cave in the Dreaming, and is often accompanied by Dream's raven. The first raven, Lucien, taught her how to bury Abel after Cain murdered him and she has been accompanied by a raven ever since. She is kind and has a maternal nature, though she retains her sharp language.

Most of the time she appears as a black-haired woman of indeterminate age; but sometimes appears a young, attractive maiden, a middle-aged mother, or an elderly crone. When we first see her in The Sandman 2, she looks little different from her original appearances. Next, in, 24, she has put on much weight, has a friendlier face, and shows her ability to de-age as she embraces Matthew. Her largest appearance is in 40, wherein she appears young and beautiful for the first time. Fiddler's Green is a place in the Dreaming which all travellers specifically sailors dream of someday finding, which sometimes assumes human form and goes wandering, under the alias Gilbert ; a kindly, portly man who, in appearance and behavior, resembles G.

As 'Gilbert', Fiddler's Green accompanied Rose Walker to find her brother Jed, and gave her the means by which to summon Dream to rescue her from danger; and thereafter returned to the Dreaming. Here, it is implied that he was "in love, a little" with Rose.

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A wyvern , a griffin and a hippogriff are the guardians of Dream's castle. The hippogriff has a horse's head instead of the traditional eagle's head. They derive all their power and authority from Dream, so when Dream was captured and lost his power, they could no longer guard or protect the Dreaming. After the griffin was destroyed by the Furies, the new Dream did not remake him, but asked the gryphons of Greek myth to send one of their own.

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A large green gargoyle, the pet of Cain. Gregory communicates in 'grunts' which inhabitants of the Dreaming appear to understand. He helps Goldie re-assemble Abel when Cain kills him. He first appeared as the child of two stone gargoyles in House of Mystery , wherein his parents perched on the House of Mystery until they were able to kill their sculptor, a boarder in the house who had murdered their designer, and left without their egg. He later appears during the Blackest Night crossover, defending Scandal Savage , the new owner of the House of Mystery, from members of the Suicide Squad.

Goldie is a pet baby gargoyle , given to Abel by his brother Cain in Sandman 2. Abel originally intended to name him "Irving", but Cain insisted that gargoyles' names must all begin with a "G. Goldie takes centre stage in The Dreaming , a Sandman spin-off series not written by Gaiman. Lucien is the chief librarian in The Dreaming , and is a tall thin, bookish man.

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In that series, he is portrayed as the guardian of a castle in Transylvania abandoned by both sides during World War II , [4] watching over its forgotten library with his companion, a werewolf named Rover. In his first appearance in Preludes and Nocturnes issue 2 this is retroactively revealed to be Dream's castle. Lucien is the effective keeper of the Dreaming in Dream's absence, and becomes one of Dream's most faithful and trusted servants after proving his loyalty by never abandoning his post during that period.

His primary function is to protect the Library, wherein are contained all the books that have ever been dreamed of, including the ones that have never been written. The titles of some of these books , many of which are sequels to real works, are visible. He is, despite his frail appearance, apparently quite capable in combat, "[dealing] with" several unpleasant creatures who escape imprisonment during the events of The Kindly Ones. In issue 68, it is revealed that Lucien's existence in the Dreaming began as serving the role of Dream's first raven.

An allusion to "Mr. Raven", the ghostly librarian in George MacDonald 's novel Lilith , may be intended. Matthew is the raven companion of Dream of the Endless. Matthew was originally Matthew Cable, a long-time supporting character in the Swamp Thing series, but because he died while asleep in the Dreaming, he was offered the chance to become a dream raven and serve Dream if he wished, and he accepted. Matthew is not the first of Morpheus' ravens. Former ravens include Aristeas of Marmora , who returned to his life as a man for one year at one point, and Lucien , the first of the ravens. Morpheus seems to keep the ravens around out of some sort of unspoken need for companionship, though he also sends them on occasional missions.