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What does an astronaut do?

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How astronauts survived the Soyuz’s near-disaster

And certainly he appears to have relished his time as the loneliest member of his species. He also emerged from the post-Apollo years relatively unscathed. Aldrin lapsed into alcoholism and depression, while Armstrong became a virtual recluse. Both men subsequently divorced.

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By contrast, Collins - shaded from the glare of publicity - has avoided such personal traumas and is still with his wife, Patricia, whom he married in The couple have three grown-up children. Collins was born in Rome on 31 October Collins later graduated from West Point and joined the US air force. He joined the astronaut corps in and flew on one of America's two-man Gemini capsules with veteran astronaut John Young, who flew on a later Apollo mission.

Then came his selection for Apollo After his return to Earth, Collins gave up space travel and pursued a career in bureaucracy and business. He resigned in to start his own business. Today he remains cheerful about his role on Apollo 11, although he describes himself as becoming increasingly grumpy.

Neither description fits him, he added. We worked very hard, we did our jobs to near perfection, but that is what we had been hired to do.

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As to his claim to fame, that was simple fate, he added. Buzz Aldrin was born in , and Mike Collins, We came along at exactly the right time.

We survived hazardous careers and were successful in them. Put Lucky on my tombstone. Topics Apollo 11 The Observer. NASA's first seven astronauts Future astronaut candidates must make a commitment early in their academic careers to gain the credentials necessary to apply to the astronaut program.

It is important that a high school student do their very best on standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT so they are accepted to an accredited university. The minimum degree requirement is a bachelor's degree from an accredited college followed by at least three years of work experience. Most astronauts, however, have continued on to gain advanced degrees.


While in college, future applicants should concentrate their studies in the technology, math, and science fields. An applicant should also make the effort to gain additional experience by interning in a related field. The Administrator makes the decision of who will actually join the program. Every two years, approximately twenty people are chosen to fill vacancies in the astronaut corps.

What is an Astronaut?

Astronauts are usually eligible for a flight assignment one year after completion of basic training. The novice astronauts are trained in aircraft safety which includes ejection, parachute, and survival instruction.

Batteries, robot cables and experiment support

Mission specialists and pilots are trained in a T jet in order for them to gain experience in a high-performance aircraft. A Gulfstream II aircraft, which has been modified to simulate the handling of a Shuttle, is also used to train pilot astronauts. The astronauts are given a range of basic science, math, and technology courses. The astronauts receive training in a mock-up of the Space Shuttle.

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Each astronaut must also learn to function in weightless environments, and possibly even learn to perform a space walk. Advanced training follows the basic training program. The advanced training program consists of sixteen different courses covering all Shuttle-related crew training requirements.