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What are your favorite spirits:. Agave Nectar. Club Soda. Coffee Liqueur.

Cranberry Juice. Dry Vermouth.

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Taylor's Velvet Falernum John D. Absinthe Verte Leopold Bros. American Orange Liqueur Leopold Bros. Georgia Peach Whiskey Leopold Bros. Maraschino Liqueur Leopold Bros. Overproof Rum Plantation O. Jelinek Fernet R. M Rhum J. M Agricole Blanc Rhum J. Elizabeth Allspice Dram St. George Absinthe St.

George Absinthe Verte St. George Green Chile Vodka St. George Pear Brandy St. George Raspberry Brandy St.

George Raspberry Liqueur St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur St. I saw nothing alive—no gull, no driver, no seaweed, no plant. I stared at the Pacific and felt my chest tighten. I was thousands of miles from my family, and I have never felt more alone.

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The ocean was loud, dashing against dark rocks, and within a minute I felt like its rhythm was a part of me. It was going to swallow me and the sun was going to drive me mad. I strained to see anything else alive, some sign that I was still on Earth, but I saw nothing but sand and blue. I squinted for a minute.

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The entire planet looks like this, from a great distance. From the Moon, you can make out the continents, patches of brown and green beneath a light frosting of clouds. But the general impression of Earth is one of blue and white. Ocean and sky. Our blue marble. I listened to the Pacific and took a step forward. I was on Earth. I was so lucky to be here. So goddamn lucky I suddenly wanted to scream.

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Do you know how rare it is to have a planet covered in water? How precious it is to get out of the car, walk a few feet, and touch the ocean? This water is flowing through me, through her, through all of us here, together. Is this enlightenment? I thought to myself. It was hard to get back in the car after that. I had to tell her what I saw. After a few minutes I trudged back to my silver SUV, my most prized possession for those two weeks, with the possible exception of my sunglasses.