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For generations, the Rainbow Phoenix watched over them, basking in the beauty of their unity and fueling their elemental powers. But alas, the peace was not to last forever.

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It is difficult to say how the feud began, but soon the poison of anger turned into a festering boil of hatred, and the tribes were pushed to the brink of war. When the day of the battle finally arrived, the air was alive with wind, heat and thick fog. The tribes thundered toward each other with such fury and bloodlust as to shake the ground beneath them.

The soldiers met in the centre of the field, their eyes wild and weapons poised to attack. Just before the first blow landed, a paralyzing screech pierced the air. In a stunning flurry of colour, the Rainbow Phoenix swooped low over the heads of the combatants, causing them to drop to the ground in a cower. The heartbroken bird looked down at its beloved people, those it had protected for generations. It saw them poised to destroy each other, and was overcome with profound grief.

The Phoenix threw its head back and screeched again, a sound of pure agony. The people stared up at the bird, weapons dropping limply to their sides. The creature hovered over them a moment. There were screams from the crowd as the two halves of the poor animal plummeted to the ground. The tribes pressed forward urgently to see what had become of their beloved Phoenix. Rather than two halves of a single bird, in the centre of the clearing sat two separate phoenixes.

One was a pale blue, with eyes like crystals and clear, jagged feathers. One of the tribespeople reached forward to touch it but immediately recoiled, for the bird was ice cold. The other Phoenix sat smoldering a few feet away. It was flickering like a flame and smoking slightly.

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It changed colour before their eyes; shifting seamlessly from amber to scarlet, then to a pale yellow. The damp of the ground beneath it caused it to pop and sizzle quietly. The two phoenixes sat quietly for a moment, looking up at the people. Then the birds turned from each other, spread their wings and shot into the sky in opposite directions. The people could do nothing but stare blankly after them as they disappeared over the horizons; the Ice Phoenix to the North and the Flame Phoenix to the South.

When the people finally collected themselves, they returned to their respective camps to seek advice from the Spirit Council, but found that they too had disappeared.


No one had seen them leave or knew where they had gone, but in their places, the people found only eight colourful, polished gemstones. Divided in their camps, the people despaired, for their guardians had abandoned them. The oppressive heat of the afternoon had finally begun to abate, and the Children of the Sun began to stir. They had retreated to the shade of the canyon walls when the sweltering heat had become unbearable, but now the sun hung low on the horizon and the tribe gathered to return to their labours.

Chancellor Fia Lostris, leader of the Children, took up her harvesting bag and led her people out to the garden. She hoped to have the crop gathered by the time the scouts returned. If she had calculated correctly, they would be back just in time to begin tearing down the camp for the next migration. The group had been two separate tribes before the split — the Wind tribe and the Fire tribe. When the great Rainbow Phoenix had torn itself in two, these tribes had followed the Fire Phoenix south, believing that it was the key to regaining their elemental powers.

Their search had led them into a vast desert. As the years of searching rolled on, the unlikely partners merged into one camp and began to call themselves the Children of the Sun.

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In the early days, everyone had travelled together, setting a new camp each night. The going had been difficult; the young, the sick and the elderly had slowed the group down. Breaking and setting up camp each day was tedious work, and there was scarcely food to be found in the blistering heat. Eventually, the Children decided to adopt a new strategy. They would move the entire camp only twice a year, sending a small group of scouts every week to hunt the surrounding area for the Phoenix of Flame. Every expedition for generations had come back empty-handed. As the years tumbled on, the scouting became more of a ritual than an actual search. Those sent on the hunts would trap and forage, training the youth of the tribe in desert survival.

Settling for longer periods meant that the people left in camp had more idle time, and the tribes fell back into their original habits. The Wind tribe had always been intellectuals — scholars and philosophers. The Fire tribe, on the other hand, had been creatively and artistically inclined. Together, the two tribes began to build and invent, creating tools and refining techniques to make the most of the barren desert landscape in which they travelled. In times when the camp was stationary, the Children of the Sun planted and harvested gardens, preparing and preserving food for their next voyage.

Williams was a theatre major at Syracuse University and her versatile voice is equally at home singing Broadway songs as well as jazz and pop. She has sold over six million records and received eleven Grammy nominations, including one for Best New Artist.

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