The Slip-Slide Misadventure of Mildew Goo

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Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Douglas Jacobs. Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Douglas Jacobs Goodreads Author. There are many artifacts here, and many gems. But I must not tarry, the ship will not wait forever. A green fall of slime, spewing out disgusting gobbets of putrescence Should I jump or Come on Morty!

Another ship failure! I can't believe it! All my profits are going to pay for new ships. And this time I don't know where the rescue ship will land. Oh well, back underground. Through the door there are slime creatures patrolling a shaft of red slime, the sticky stuff. I will shoot from the door and dodge the drops and then jump from green to green slime, trying to avoid the red slime.

At the bottom of the shaft there seems to be My ship's in trouble, and Slime World is going to collapse in on itself. The computer says that the fungal growths that normally stabilize the planet have gone wild. If they are not removed from the slime, the planet is doomed.

I must find and pick the mushrooms to gain time for the repairs needed on the ship. I thought the long fall down a slippery shaft would be my doom, but a pool of water at the bottom of the shaft cushioned my fall. I shoot them and shoot them but it does no good! Where are the shields? I must The ship was damaged on landing. I can't fix it. My only hope is to wander Slime World and hope for a miracle. The gods are against me! My weapon is malfunctioning, and without it I have slim chance of survival in this hideous place.

I encountered sticky red slime, and then slipped on bluish slime and plunged to the bottom of a shaft, into water.

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A door to the right leads to a large chamber filled by a slime pool. To traverse the chamber it appears I must Will wonders never cease? Nothing is wrong with the ship, and with a little luck I will be able to collect enough slime gems to finance a larger expedition, with a real crew! Down I go, into what I hope will be an area rich in gems and poor in slime creatures!

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My luck holds. This is the worst section of Slime World so far.

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Multitudes of gross and dangerous creatures abound. And I discovered something extremely important. When you shoot the red slime gems they They what? Did he survive, Morty? I found my brother's ship, and am continuing his log, but I have no hope that my brother lives. My crew and I will explore for his remains, but from what I have read of this place, I don't think we will be successful. We gained entrance to the underground maze, and found some of the fabulous gems that led my brother to his doom. The lifeforms here are deadly, and hideous to behold. A flyheaded creature exploded in green slime when my science officer shot it.

Bubbles of yellow pus swell from the floor and explode spontaneously.

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  • The Slip-Slide Misadventure of Mildew Goo by R. Douglas Jacobs, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®!
  • The Slip-Slide Misadventure of Mildew Goo.
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Gorflaxus nearly drowned in a slime pool because he neglected to Our ship developed a major malfunction and we had to abandon her. The rescue ship will meet us soon, and we must make our way to the landing site.

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The radiation levels on the planet's surface make overland travel too dangerous, and so we must again descend into slime. Joledi is dead. She encountered a brown, tentacled creature that somehow latched on to her face and when we tried to remove it, she O sweet gods, maggots! Where are they coming from? Get down, Gorflaxus get down get Those foul hearted space dogs! Mutiny on my ship!

They disabled the ship so we could not take off. I wanted to put as much distance as possible between myself and Slime World, and now that is impossible.

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The remaining crew decided to go back for more gems, and they disabled the ship to prevent me from taking off. They did their job too well. The ship will never take off from Slime World. I must reach the rescue ship before they do, or I will be here forever, along with my brother. May 19, Interviewed by Ross Rojek. July 9, Fang Bu. May 20, James P. May 15, Susie Moloney. July 23, Jules Archer.

August 11, Candace Coulombe.