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Last year I was on a family vacation and my laptop died. And I never missed a beat. Zoho CRM has a fully featured mobile app for an iPhone or Android that contains most of the capabilities in its browser-based CRM product — from opportunities to account management. Its separate e-mail application integrates deeply with the CRM system so I never had to worry about my emails being saved in my company database. Both mobile apps are free and downloaded from the Apple or Google stores.

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Zoho CRM is a cloud based application and the company has established partnerships with most of the other leading cloud based business applications available today. For example, there are integrations with MailChimp for bulk emailing, QuickBooks Online and Xero for accounting, ZenDesk for customer service and many others. Zoho also works well with Zapier, Workato and other cloud-based integration tools. Zoho offers its own tools for accounting, project management, invoicing, help desk, website creation and email — and many, many others.

Orchestrate your business workflows.

For MailChimp, you can only sync one MailChimp list per connection slot. If you want to sync more MailChimp lists, you have to create more syncs. Click here to find out how to authorize MailChimp. To do this add a filter under Zoho CRM on both rules.

If someone subscribes to the MailChimp List via a form on your website , their information will be synced to Zoho CRM and the tag "Newsletter" will be added. By creating a sync between Zoho CRM and Quickbooks, colleagues in accounting can count on the addresses in Quickbooks to be correct and up to date.

It can also automatically send through customer information from Zoho CRM to Quickbooks when a deal is closed so that invoicing can begin. Or Quickbooks!

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Whichever you want. When accounting creates new contacts in Quickbooks, they will be synced to Zoho CRM, along with the information about their payment status handy for sales and customer care teams who are in contact with contacts.

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For this latter feature, you simply create a custom field in Zoho so it can store Quickbooks' information. Powered by HelpDocs. Support Center. Free Trial Log In Contact. Lead generation from existing websites, lead activity tracking, email integration, task management and complete sales cycle views are just some of Zoho's many features.

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What happens to deletions? If you delete a contact in either app, PieSync will label the deleted contacts as "trash" in the other app so you can manually check and then delete them there too explanation video. Thank you very much!!! Correction and apologies.


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There is also a free PDF version offered, but it downloaded using a microscopic PDF icon at the top of the web page, so be sure to look for it. It takes a few minutes to generate the PDF copy, so be patient with it. Make sure you get the full copy of the book and not just a PDF of one chapter. Am really happy to have a PDF copy now!

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I was mistaken. Sadly, there is no free PDF version, just a version that can be temporarily accessed for 45 days. The back cover was misleading in this sense. When I read through the book, I felt Nancy did a great job. Got the book today and read through the first five chapters. Well worth the money, and not just a regurgitation of the Help files or blog content.